“Shoes are like cars, the type of shoe you wear reflects your attitude in the game, we create Hyper Shoes for athletes”

Motion Controlled Athletic Footwear

The Future Is Now!

Motion-Controlled Footwear

Hyper Shoes

Hyper Shoes
THE PLATE: Responsive & Interactive
WE call it a mid-sole chassis designed to hold the weight of the athlete similar to a car chassis. Innovated to be light in design structure performance on the field yet flexible to respond to extreme playing conditions.
THE HEEL: Dynamic Explosiveness
Advanced technology designed to use the body’s kinetic energy to propel an athlete in forward motion. This allows an athlete to have dynamic explosiveness even at the start of acceleration.
THE FOREFOOT: Stability & Foot Agility
Enhances 360 degrees of field awareness, slowing deceleration, allowing the athelt to perform stop and go drills with pin-point precision(Google: Barry Sanders NFL Hall of Famer) Why not compare the best to ever do it!
Our shoes are an expression. We merged art, and technology to create something that was luxurious, aerodynamic, and yet on a performance level will be far superior than just an athletic shoe. These shoes, are captivating to wear and to be seen in.

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