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Hyper Shoes: Recent Advancements in Athletic Footwear

Hyper Shoes and Pharaoh athletics


 By: Mosimo Jones December 15, 2016




Over the last 40 years, the shoe industry has transitioned from being a shoe that was worn

for everyday use to a shoe that was worn for a specific purpose. Then, there are your casual

shoes that are worn for style and have no specific purpose. However, to make things

interesting, a new culture has arrived on the scene who can wear any type of sneaker, can

own up to 20 pairs or more at a time, then turn around and sell them for a good price,

they’re called “Sneakerheads”. Do not be mistaken, Sneakerheads have always been in the

game of collecting sneakers since the eighties era, remember “Run DMC”. However, back in

the eighties and nineties, sneakers were worn to look good, or for a specific purpose (playing

basketball, or football), and collecting. The sneaker collectors from this era would not dare

sell their sneakers!

Fast forward to the mid 2000’s, and the Sneakerhead culture has changed the way sneakers

are worn. Sure, sneakers will always be worn for style, and it doesn’t matter what specific

purpose the shoes were designed for, like the Kobe’s, Jordans, and the Lebrons’, which are

all basketball sneakers, and yet most people who buy these shoes never step on the

basketball court to hoop. Sneakerheads buy shoes for the love of the shoes, and the resell

value. It’s a new era folks, and Sneakerheads are winning big time! They are winning so

much that Forbes stated that the sneaker resell market is estimated to be worth more than

$1 billion, and the sneaker resale market is fueled by the excitement created by an

intentionally low supply of each sneaker release.

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In today’s market, athletic shoe Companies must be on the cutting edge to keep Athletes

endorsing products that make them elite players of their profession. Shoe companies and

athletes need each other like wood to a fireplace. Athletes need the best technology for

footwear to perform at a high level. And shoe Companies need athletes to endorse new

technology for release in the market. Thus, a contract was made to keep elite players

endorsing products for companies, which make hundreds of millions per athlete

endorsement. But what happens when the technological innovation begins to slow down in a

game where rules, regulations, gear, and stronger athletes continue to evolve? Shoe

Companies have a solution, and that solution is to make the shoes lighter, and stronger. You

heard it, and that’s it!

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What’s wrong with making shoes lighter and stronger? There’s nothing wrong with making

shoes lighter and stronger with better materials, and improving the technology from a

material perspective are great for athletes. But here is the question. Is the athletic shoe

market innovative? The question to the answer is yes and no. Why? Because this is where

you are going to hear about a shoe revolution in athletic footwear that no one is neither

talking about nor discussing because it will change the athletic shoe market forever.

Before I tell you about this innovative technology, I have to go back in history to talk about

products that change our lives in such a profound way that now we take them for granted. I

will only discuss 2 products because the innovation can still be witness to the present day.

Henry Ford was a pioneer of the automobile industry and his cars were ahead it’s time with

design, technology, and cost. Henry Ford was known as the man of the people. Steve Jobs,

the man behind the Apple computer, had an idea for his computers to be more than just a

computer they were pieces of art, and the artwork can be seen throughout all of the

technology Apple creates to the present day.


Motion controlled Footwear

The evolution of athletic footwear has now entered into the 21st century. The age of the

rubber athletic shoe sole is coming to an end. New technology must catch up to the new

world where technology is only good for 1 to 2 years. From computers, smart phones,

watches, headphones, glasses, and even cars are designed to make our daily lives easier with

technology. We’re not saying that you need to throw away your sneakers anytime soon, but

what we are saying is athletic shoes our outdated. The expiration date for the original

athletic shoe is over 40 years and consumers need other options. Introducing, Motion

Controlled Footwear, athletic shoes designed using technology to allow the user to control

the body motion while moving forwards, backwards, and even sideways, where most ankles

will likely be broken.

Hyper Shoes


Hyper Shoes

Since 2011, an Inventor named Mosimo, worked on creating a new athletic shoe that will

separate the average athletic shoes from the technology driven shoes. For example, cars are

categorized by technology, performance, price, and speed. Thus, the categorization method

separates the normal car from the supercar, and presently the hyper car. On the contrary, athletic shoes

will be given the same characteristics to separate regular shoes from the hyper shoes.

What are hyper shoes? Hyper shoes are similar to hyper cars in that they are given characteristics based on price,

agility, exclusivity, design, acceleration, performance, and technology. In a nutshell, hyper

shoes are athletic shoes on steroids, that are far superior then your normal sneakers. While

motion controlled footwear is the product line from Pharaoh Athletics, hyper shoes was the

name to help consumers, sneakerheads, and athletes understand the technology since the

name “Hyper” is used with cars. Pharaoh Athletics plans to manufacture hyper shoes for late

2017, and currently in the prototyping stage of manufacturing. If you think motion-

controlled footwear is the answer to enhance your performance on the field, and deserves an

opportunity in the market help us by purchasing a shirt from our crowdfunding page, or give

a donation. Our t-shirts were made to promote motion-controlled footwear, and spread the

word that there is a new shoe company about to revolutionize the game! For more

information or to help contribute, please visit us at


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