Crowdfunding to Support Hyper Shoes


Ever innovative, Pharaoh Athletics intend to use an online T-shirt and Apparel business to generate the required funding. A range of high quality products have been specifically created as incentives for those wishing to support this project. The products include T-shirts, hats, Hoodies and Tank Tops and all proceeds will go toward the $25,000 target. All the products are extremely high quality and each product has been purposely designed with the target market for the motion controlled footwear in mind – trendy, sporty and professional. The products are something that any sportsman, athlete or even fan will be proud to wear.

Instead of supporting and getting an incentive Pharaoh Athletics has twisted the crowdfunding rules a little and now you purchase the item you want an all profits go back into the project. With many years’ experience in retailing such products throughout the US and the rest of the world the concept is simple, straightforward and effective. The full range of products that will allow you to support the Pharaoh Athletics Crowdfunding Campaign in aid of the Motion Controlled Footwear.


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We are sure you will agree the motion controlled footwear is an outstanding and beneficial concept and we thank you for your support and look forward to announcing that the first shoes are available for purchase real soon.