What is 


Motion-Controlled Footwear: A new athletic shoe designed to provide consumers with a better support while walking, jogging, and running. This shoe includes a flexible mid-sole chassis connected to an inflatable rubber mechanism at the heel end of the shoe for cushioning and stability. There is a rotating pad mechanism at the front of the mid-sole, under the ball of the foot, which rotates up to 360 degrees, providing the user with better balance and maneuverability. 

problem solved?

The materials used for manufacturing shoes using the midsole of a shoe as an example is typically made of foam plastic resins or rubber. The technology for manufacturing athletic shoes currently has become outdated, presently when in the 21st century technology grows markets.
We plan to manufacture a midsole with new materials such as carbon fiber, and fused plastics creating a chassis for support, versus adding weight for structure. Thus allowing an athletic shoe to be lighter and stronger.

The unique features of this invention will provide the following benefits for all consumers:

  • An athletic shoe designed to allow a person to accelerate faster with better body posture, balance and maneuverability
  • Users may experience less fatigue as less energy is needed when walking, jogging and running
  • The mid-sole chassis provides increased strength and support               
  • The foot’s heel is cushioned by a ball of inflated air
  • The front end of the shoe can rotate to provide better balance and movement