Athletic Shoes vs. Hyper Shoes

    The difference between athletic shoes and hyper shoes By: Mosimo Jones   As a personal preference we don’t really use the term “athletic shoes” while we prefer hyper shoes as a catchall term to describe ultra-exotic performance shoes. Nevertheless, sneakerheads insist that there should be a distinction between the two

    Footwear Technology for Athletes

    Athletic footwear created for athletes also known as Hyper Shoes.   Motion Controlled Footwear are a technologically advanced, new design of shoes for athletes that offer improved support while walking, jogging or running. Motion controlled shoes are a simple yet sophisticated central rubber ball in the sole of the shoe delivers

    Hyper Shoes: Recent Advancements in Athletic Footwear

       By: Mosimo Jones December 15, 2016     History Over the last 40 years, the shoe industry has transitioned from being a shoe that was worn for everyday use to a shoe that was worn for a specific purpose. Then, there are your casual shoes that are worn for

    Pharaoh Athletics: The Future of Athletic Footwear

    Motion-Controlled Footwear designed for athletes to control motion while running, jogging, stopping, and changing directions. Pharaoh Athletics, a startup company from Palmetto, Florida announced the innovation of an athletic shoe that will change the game of sports played on grass, and turf. They are calling this revolutionary technology motion-controlled footwear.